"Youth hitting stats are pointless!"

The Character

At the age of two, Domingo Ayala started playing baseball. It wasn’t long after that when he became one of the best players in his hometown of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. In his pursuit to make it to the MLB, Ayala packed his bags and moved to the United States.

Now, the self-proclaimed best baseball player in the world still claims to be 17 years old. Though many believe him to be slightly older, no one has seen a birth certificate to disprove his claim. As he travels the world teaching baseball, his ultimate goal is still to make it to the big leagues.

The Brand

In 2009 the Domingo Ayala YouTube channel uploaded it’s first video, Infield Instruction. With a small following and positive feedback, Domingo made a few more videos throughout the year. In 2010 he uploaded How to Hit a Home Run which sent the channel to the next level. Now, Domingo Ayala has over 20 million video views on YouTube and over 400,000 followers across all of his social media platforms.

Along with making videos, Ayala travels all over the world for appearances and shows. Many of these events have been fundraisers that helped raise thousands of dollars for various organizations. The unique part about Ayala is his ability to entertain fans of such a broad base. He can entertain a major league clubhouse one day, and a youth team the next. Parents are just as excited to see Domingo as are their kids.

Domingo Ayala, through his silly baseball antics, is a symbol. He embodies everything great about baseball. In a game of failure, Ayala allows people to laugh at themselves as he reminds us that baseball, no matter how caught up in it we may become, is still just a game.

Domingo's Dugout
"They don't pay me for nothing" Let me teach you beisbol