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Ayala and New Agency Begin Contract Negotiations

Initial asking price by Ayala is $700 million.

Puerto Plata, DR - There has been a lot of free agent buzz around Major League Baseball since the end of the 2013 season. With some potential record-setting contracts being entertained by owners, it seemed like the perfect time for Domingo Ayala to get in the mix.

Ayala and his new agency, The Ayala Group (Run by Domingo Ayala himself), decided on a figure to shop around to all of the MLB teams - 20 years, $700 million.

"When you look at where the game is today and predict where it's going to be in 10-15 years it's a very modest contract."

The contract also has $150 million in incentives, including bonuses for his 1,000th, 1,500th, and 2,000th home run which Ayala expects to achieve sometime during seasons 15-18.

"At first we wanted Pujols money. But after seeing what he's getting paid $25 million a year to do, we realized Ayala should get paid more. Plus he's only 17 years old so a 20-year contract would give Ayala more stability."

If Ayala has another season like he's known to have he will bat around .530 with a .800 OBP, 85 home runs, 210 RBIs, and 200 BBs. That's more production than Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton combined. Some say that makes Ayala worth more than both their contracts put together which would exceed $50 million per year.

"I just want to concentrate on playing and let my agents handle the off-the-field stuff." said Ayala in a recent interview, even though Ayala acts as his own agent. "I'm confident everything will take care of itself."

This makes for a very interesting off-season. Aside from the hefty price-tag Ayala's WAR of 39 would actually make the $700 million well worth it.