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Cabrera to 2nd Base

As Domingo Ayala passed through spring training he took a stop in Goodyear with the Indians.

It was said that the Indians were offering Domingo a 16 year deal at an undisclosed amount, but Domingo had some issues that the Indians could not guarantee.

"I play short stop and Asdrubal play second base. That is the only way I take the deal." Demanded Ayala. Apparently the club was not set on that decision saying Ayala would fit in at 3rd base or corner outfield.


Prior to the game Ayala and Cabrera were seen trying to one-up each other at short stop. The scene was quite amazing as the crowd of 27 grew to more than 6,000 by the time the ground ball session was over.


It was apparent that both Ayala and Cabrera need to play short stop. Fortunately for Cabrera, the Indians have already invested in him. For Domingo, however, he's still searching for the right fit.

"It's like when you put on a hat. If it a good had but not fit, you can't wear it. You have to find one that fit."